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Responsible Travel Policy

Policy aims

To provide wellness experiences that look into preserving the local cultural heritage, as well as to provide local individuals with employment opportunities. Our experiences look to incentivize cultural exchange between travellers and local individuals and contribute to the environment by incentivizing eco-friendly practices across our retreats.


Economic Responsibility

99% of services are provided by local people. Our retreats take place at a locally run hotel that counts with numerous wellness facilities where the retreats can take place. The property is owned and managed by a local hospitality manager who employs local staff working across a range of fields, such as housekeeping, cooks, yoga teachers, drivers, and local guides. Additionally, we aim at paying over average salaries to ensure inclusion and wellness of all staff members.

Environmental Responsibility

Although our wellness experiences take place in India, a country with great environmental issues, we always look into making our contribution to the environment. We provide all our guests with metal water bottles to incentivize a responsible water consumption. Guests can refill their bottles as much as needed with purified drinking water, in order to reduce plastic bottle consumption. Furthermore, we provide all guests with eco-friendly cork yoga mats sourced from local producers to move beyond PVC mats which tend to dominate the yoga industry. Additionally, when visiting local sites, we always propose to walk along with guests, as opposed to using traditional transportation. Whenever transportation is the only way to visit sites, we ensure an efficient use of transport (car sharing). We promote a clean and environmentally friendly practice when visiting the banks of river Ganges. All yoga and meditation classes take place in designated areas ensuring guests cannot contaminate the river. Furthermore, we only serve vegetarian food at our retreats. All vegetables are sourced based on season availability, from local farms and markets, reducing CO2 emissions involved in transportation.

Social Responsibility

While Yoga has taken on many forms in the west, our main focus is to ensure that we provide an experience that aligns with the traditional teachings of Yoga. We believe teaching Yoga in a traditional manner helps preserve the local culture. While our service is always adapting to our client’s needs, we ensure that all wellness activities follow traditional methodologies, allowing for the experience to transmit the cultural heritage of India

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