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Sacred India

Agra - Mathura - Vrindavan - Rishikesh

A journey into the heart of Indian spirituality


Agra - Mathura - Vrindavan - Rishikesh

13 days - 12 nights

All inclusive

This exclusive small-group experience aims to immerse you in the most spiritual aspects of India, combining visits to sacred places with the ancient practice of yoga and meditation


In the heart of India, amidst architectural grandeur and rich history, lies Agra, a place where spirituality intertwines with beauty. Beyond being the city of the Taj Mahal, Agra is a reminder that spirituality resides in simplicity. This is also demonstrated by Fatehpur Sikri, which offers a moment of serenity to all who visit. The tomb of the Sufi saint Salim Chishti is a place of prayer and contemplation, a reminder of the spiritual transcendence we all seek

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Mathura, a place blessed by centuries of spirituality and devotion, is an ancient city revered for being the birthplace of Krishna, a divine figure in Hinduism. Here, every corner, every temple, and every street exudes spirituality and connects the soul to the transcendental. The ghats along the sacred Yamuna River are places where devotees perform rituals and meditations, immersing themselves in the spiritual essence of Mathura.


Vrindavan, a hidden gem in India, is a place that exudes spirituality in every corner. Known as the site of Krishna's divine pastimes, this ancient city is an oasis of devotion and a constant reminder of the connection between the earthly and the divine. Hundreds of temples and ashrams, each dedicated to a manifestation of the divine, are places where devotees express their love and devotion through chants, offerings, and prayers.

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Rishikesh, a sacred place that has attracted spiritual seekers and travelers from around the world for centuries. Located on the banks of the majestic Ganges River and surrounded by the stunning Himalayan mountains, Rishikesh is a haven of tranquility and serenity. Chants of mantras, meditation by the river, and the practice of yoga become an integral part of daily life, inspiring a deep connection with the divine and with oneself.


Days 1- 4: Agra - Mathura - Vrindavan - we delve into the mystical and spiritual heart of India

Day 1: Arrival in Agra and Visit to the Red Fort

Pick-up at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi early in the morning, followed by a transfer to Agra. We'll have a morning rest there, and in the afternoon, we will visit the Red Fort.

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Day 2: Visit to Fatehpur Sikri

We will travel to Fatehpur Sikri, the medieval city built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century. We will visit the mosque and the tomb of the Sufi saint Salim Chisti.

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Day 3: Visit to the Taj Mahal and Temples

At dawn, we will visit the Taj Mahal, Afterwards, we will travel to the city of Mathura, the birthplace of Krishna. There, we will visit the magnificent Krishna Janm Bhoomi temple and explore Kusum Sarovar, one of the many architectural gems of the area.

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Day 4: Visit to ISKCON Temple

We will visit the ISKCON temple, the epicenter of the Hare Krishna movement. Here, we can witness the ancient practice of Bhakti Yoga through Kirtan. Afterward, we will head to the Nidhivan temple, a Hindu pilgrimage site where the 'Ras Lila,' or the cosmic dance between Krishna and the gopis, is said to have taken place. We will also visit the Banke Bihare temple, and in the evening, we will witness the Aarti ceremony, an offering of light and fire to the sacred Yamuna River.

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Days 5 - 12: Rishikesh retreat - we delve into the ancient practice of yoga

Retreat schedule

7:30 - 9:00        Hatha Yoga

9:30 - 10:30      Breakfast

10:30 - 12:00    Free time

12:00 - 13:30    Meditation

13:30 - 16:00    Lunch + Rest

16:00 - 17:30    Philosophy

17:30 - 20:00    Ayurvedic treatment/afternoon activity

20:00 - 21:00    Dinner

Day 5: Arrival in Rishikesh

We settle into the retreat center and, in the evening, participate in the Havana ritual. This fire offering ritual, rooted in Vedic culture, will help us slow down and prepare for our retreat.

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Day 6: Yoga and Meditation

This is a day for acclimating to our new environment. We will practice yoga, meditation, and have time to relax by the banks of the Ganges

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Day 7: Fire Offering to the Ganges

After our daily routine, in the evening, we will attend the Aarti ceremony at Triveni Ghat, where Brahmin priests offer the sacred fire to the Ganges River.

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Day 8: Holi/Diwali Festival

This is a special day where, after our daily yoga practice, we will welcome spring by celebrating the ancient Holi festival. We will throw colors and water in accordance with Hindu tradition.

Please note: this tour does not always fall during Holi

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Day 9: Vashista's Cave

After breakfast, we will travel to a cave located in the jungle. There, we will meditate just as the Rishi and yogi Vashista did thousands of years ago. Afterwards, we will take a walk along the Ganges in a stunning natural setting.

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Day 10: Parmarth Niketan Ashram

After our daily routine, we will take a walk along the banks of the Ganges and arrive at the renowned Parmarth Niketan Ashram. Here, we can participate in the Aarti ceremony and meditate on the ghats.

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Day 11: Kunjapuri Temple

After breakfast, we will travel to the Kunjapuri Temple, a temple dedicated to the goddess Durga and one of the shaktipeeth or energy centers of the region. Here, we will make an offering to the goddess and practice meditation. From this location, you will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Garhwal Himalayas and surrounding mountains.


Day 12: Travel to Delhi

Day 13: Departure


Accomodation: all accomodation in single occupancy included in 4* hotels

Agra: Da Bungalow

Mathura/Vrindavan: SKS Grand Palace

Rishikesh: India Nikunj

Delhi: Savoy Suites, Manesar


3 vegetarian meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) + bottled drinking water

Transportation: all transportation included

Delhi airport pick up and drop off

Tempo traveller with capacity for 12

Rickshaws in places with limited accessibility


Accompaniment by Alex Loizaga, director of ALOGA Wellness throughout the journey

English-speaking guide

15 hours of Hatha Yoga with a native teacher

10 hours of meditation

10 hours of philosophy

Yoga mat

Reusable copper bottle

Havan ceremony (fire ritual)


Not included

Anything that is not indicated in the "what is included" section

Alcoholic drinks

Air tickets to/from Delhi


Terms & Conditions

Before booking your retreat please download and read the terms and conditions. If you agree to these, you must sign the copy and send it back to us Please note, you will not be able to join the retreat unless we receive the signed copy.

Please note, If you cancel your booking up to 30 days prior to the retreat starting date you will get a 100% refund. However, if you cancel after this period, you can get a free re-schedule or a 50% refund. See terms and conditions below for more details.


Holi Festival 18/03/24 - 30/03/24

Diwali Festival 24/10/24 - 05/11/2024

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